Eavesdropper No. 55



Members' Record


  • 13th August 2016 Bradleys and Thurlows
    Edward Martin and Leigh Alston

Day School: Decorative Finishes to Historic Buildings

  • Putting on the Style: The decorative use of brick since the twelth century
    Peter Minter
  • Patterns and Personalities: Wallpaper in Suffolks' historic houses  
    Philip Aitkens
  • Glitter and display on buildings from the early modern period to the Regency
    Dr Ian Bristow
  • Design and transmission of decorative plasterwork in 16th and 17th century Suffolk
    Clare Gapper
  • A Display of Heraldry: The use of heraldry in the adornment of domestic building
    Edward Martin


  • Conservation Engineering: Why Historic Building Stand
    Edward Morton


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