Eavesdropper No. 46




  • Brewers and Bakers, Hucksters and Innkeepers: The Markets and Marketplaces of Medieval Suffolk, Friday 9th December
  • A New dawn For The Old Sun Inn’s Western Cottages: A Current Saffron Walden Renovation, Wednesday 11th January
  • Henry VIII - King of all he Surveyed, Wednesday 8 February
  • The Warrens of Breckland, Wednesday 14 March

Members' Record:

  • Visit to the Tower of London, 25 April
  • AGM and visit to Otley Hall, 28 April
  • Visit to Badley Hall 20 May
  • Visit to Flint Buildings in Eye, 16 June
  • Visit to Saffron Walden, 1 July


eaves 46