Eavesdropper 1993 - 2013

A 20th Anniversary Selection




  • Building A Group For Suffolk -
    Christopher North
  • Early Glass
    Mark Bernard/John McCann
  • Early Market Stalls: an important discovary
    Leigh Alston
  • Day Visit to North Suffolk
  • The Hermitage, Frostenden
    Leigh Alston
  • Recording Day: Street Farmhouse, Rishangles
    Mark Barnard
  • Renters Discovered
    Leigh Alston
  • A New Discover in Walsham le Willows
    Leigh Alston
  • Aisled Barn, Abbey Farm, Snape
    Graham Hussey
  • Bulls Hall Revisited
    Ian McKechnie
  • Excursion to Long Melford
    Leigh Alston
  • Domestic Wall Painting in Suffolk
    Leigh Alston
  • 1576 Will and Inventory of Richard Sare
    Mary Williams
  • The Bottom Rung of the Housing Ladder
    John Walker
  • Visit to Wickham Market
    Christine Fyrberg
  • An Insight into Historic Carpentry
    Rick Lewis
  • Archdeacon Pykenham's Ipswich Gate-house & Hadleigh Gate-tower
    Charles Tracy
  • The Medieval House - living with smoke
  • Perceptions of Conservation
    Mike McConnell

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